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Tom DeBlass is a native of New Jersey. Helping bullied children is one of his biggest passions. He is a world renowned Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu coach. He has hundreds of students in his own Academy, Ocean County Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and 55 affilate Tom DeBlass schools in 5 different continent's. He travels the world teaching seminars.


Tom is a former No Gi World Champion, and a 3x ADCC Trial North American champion. His passion however has never been competition, it's been helping people. Being successful in competition just made his voice be heard. He wrote a best selling book called 'How you Bear it". Within this book Tom recalls how he was bullied as a child and even molested. Tom has a deep care for the underdog and is passionate to serve and protect. With his voice touching all corners of the world, and so many people on board with him including his partner Mr. Fowler, he knows change is coming.




Shawn Fowler grew up in Colorado as well as California. You will now find him in between Texas, California and Nevada regularly. Working with inner city youth to become successful has been one of his biggest pushes. Even with all the odds against him as a kid, he was able to enlist in the military and even attend college, ultimately attaining his Masters Degree in Technology Management. Shawn has been an Executive for DoD now for 31 years to include military time. Shawn is the owner and founder of HONU BJJ based of San Diego, CA., FIVE GRAPPLING, FIVE FORWARD FOUNDATION, as well as his work with ADCC. 


Shawn was an active competitor for many years, but now finds his time dedicated to those in need. After prepping a program for the last couple of years called PROJECT BULLY, Tom approached Shawn about Buddies for Bullies and he was immediately on board. Together, these two look to make a real change for those being bullied.   


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